Robabeh’s roots are planted in Persia, yet there are many places that have helped her grow as an artist and as a person. Robabeh has a BFA with summa cum laude in painting from George Mason University. She also has a B.S. in Civil Engineering and a Master of Urban and Regional Planning from A&M University. She has created artworks, three-dimensional maps, and structural models as a free-lance artist and participated in offshore platform design as an engineer in Houston Texas. Her land use designs and urban planning proposals were adopted by the city of Huntsville, Alabama. Robabeh has taught mathematics courses for 14 years in the Washington D.C. area and has traveled to Europe, Mexico, and Canada. She has received “Outstanding Educational Achievement” awards as well as prizes in oil painting and in sculpting competitions. She has won First place in medium in juried show and  the Second Prize in Art, which was published in ‘Calliope”, The Student Journal of Art and Literature. Her art-work has been selected in various juried art shows and was chosen for publication in Spring 2018 issue of Volition Jurnal. She is a member of the American Planning Association and The National Society of Collegiate Scholars.




Robabeh’s educational background influence her tendency to use geometric forms in her abstract paintings. She creates a relationship between composition and shapes incorporating elements such as light and color.

     Robabeh uses transparent medium mixed with translucent colors for her glazing mixture, considering the wavelength of each color to change the visible spectrum of light reflection from her canvas. Her attention to details and her modified use of different painting techniques create a soft, rich illusion in her artwork.  

     Incorporating elements that exist in nature, such as organic materials she has created paintings that show the change of time through seasons as well as representing the beauty of nature.  

     For Robabeh art has a therapeutic effect and is a force that raises her spirit. Her art reveals the inner emotions and evokes memories of life events

     Robabeh's art is intended to spark ideas about how we connect with our experiences and our feelings, or thoughts about how we are the same in our global environment.  

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